Sunday, 25 October 2009

Kill Terrorism not Terrorist

We all know very well that a terrorist is a person who has only one motto and that is 'To kill others even at the cost of his own life’.
When we catch any terrorist, we feel that he should be hanged till death which is a correct punishment for them.
But think for a while……………….
What can be the expectations from a person who has played with guns and bullets in his childhood instead of playing with crayons and craft-paper?

can that person become an engineer or doctor or a business man?

Sometimes terrorists are formed because of social conditions that ruin their life.

Imagine a person whose mother or sister has been raped or his father has been killed brutally in  riots.
Imagine a person who has lost his family in such incidents.

What would be the condition of such person??

Will they remain in normal state????

They will lose their faith in humanity.

such incidents emotionally tempt a person to turn into a terrorist.

The most important question is:
Can these terrorist become normal ?
The answer is YES, they can be changed but for that we will have to change.
You might be aware of the story of 'angulimaan'(finger-man) who used to kill people, cut their fingers and make its necklace. In short he was a terrorist who was emotionally ill.
One fine day this terrorist came across Buddha and tried to kill him but Gautam-Buddha faced this terrorist by love and affection. Angulimaan broke down into tears.
Terrorist are also humans, killing them is not the treatment.
Too many terrorists have been killed up to date, yet we are unable to end the terrorism.
Killing terrorists will not end the terrorism.
Unfortunately it is our society that indirectly or directly makes a man a terrorist.
We must reshape the minds of such emotionally ill terrorist who have cultivated wrong ideas.
If ‘Jihadis’ can brainwash a normal person and turn him to a terrorist, why cant today’s psychiatrists who hold specialized degree reconvert them into a normal human-being???
Law can at most stop a criminal, but only education can stop him from being a criminal!


  1. Good post.

    Every problem of human life is essentially the product of absurd human living. There's only one solution for it and that's changing our phony social, and moral values and bring about rational change in our living. No other "treatment" can remove these problems.

  2. Monu u have written exactly what is to be done but the politics and the system does not accept it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I as a human being highly Appreciate Ur thought and ur feeling towards them .....

    This is an Excellent Thought For "THE YOUNG GUNS OF INDIA " Like U and ME

  3. There should be an analysis of the problem rather then curing the symptom.True, If you hang one fellow, his brethren will try to avenge so better try to change the evil with good .
    good post...

  4. I like this post. I wonder, will it be harder for the terrorists to change into 'normal people' than it will be for the 'normal people' to accept the terrorists? Will either give way to the other? We, people as a whole, need to embrace (rather than ignore, fight & delay) the deep rooted psychological changes in our ways of thinking & living that are taking place. The undernourished flower does not fight its untimely death; it has no choice but to be submissive to nature.


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