Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Day Will Come....

A day will come when i will grow
    like a beautifully-carved colorful rainbow!

A day will come when i will fly

    like a bird that learns after difficult try...

A day will come when i will gain

    like the thirsty nature that greens in the rain!

A day will come when i will shine

     like the rays of the sun that appear divine...

A day will come when i will face death

     like a happy soul smiling even at his last breath...

poems about life

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Conversation between man and god

God: ''welcome human; ask what you want!!!''

Man: ''i want nothing.''
God: ''then for what have you came to temple?''
Man: ''i just want to thank you for whatever
you have given me.''
God: ''but i haven't given you anything; it was you who helped yourself.''
Man: ''if i can curse you for my bad time then cant i even thank you for my good time. you are the creator of this world; so, you always look after us and try to make our life good and that is why we humans come to your place when all the doors are closed.''
God: ''you were distressed some time ago; so, are you not angry on me for your previous sorrowful life?''
Man: ''that sorrowful life was created by me; those were the unnecessary dreams and desires that ruined my life. i cant blame you for that.''
God: ''are you really a human or something else?''
Man: ''i am now just a happy living being who has learned  to live life peacefully.''

stair way to heaven

Sunday, 24 January 2010


 There were two friends Joy and Happy. Both are of same age that is 8 years and study in same class. 
 Happy is little stubborn and always gets heavy on Joy.  One day both quarreled and stopped talking with each other.
 Joy goes to his uncle's house but unfortunately while returning he dies in an accident. Happy was unaware of all this. He was told that Joy has gone to God's paradise and will come back soon. Many days passed but Joy doesn't come back. Happy feels that he was unfair with Joy and God is punishing him by not sending Joy back. Finally Happy decides to write a letter to God to send Joy back.

 "Dear God,
         I know that my friend is with you. Please send him back. I am really missing him. I promise you that I will never fight with him. I will allow him to score as many goals as he wishes. I will do all his homework. I will always give him window-seat in the bus. I will give him whatever he wants. I apologize for my mistake. I am unhappy without Joy.
  Please send my friend back soon as possible, I am waiting for him...."


Wish this letter would really have reached the God. He would have tears in his eyes.

friendship images

 How important is the role of a friend in our life......
    Though difficult but it is better to break the ego for a while and apologize Rather than feeling guilty for the whole life.