Sunday, 4 July 2010

Conversation between man and god

God: ''welcome human; ask what you want!!!''

Man: ''i want nothing.''
God: ''then for what have you came to temple?''
Man: ''i just want to thank you for whatever
you have given me.''
God: ''but i haven't given you anything; it was you who helped yourself.''
Man: ''if i can curse you for my bad time then cant i even thank you for my good time. you are the creator of this world; so, you always look after us and try to make our life good and that is why we humans come to your place when all the doors are closed.''
God: ''you were distressed some time ago; so, are you not angry on me for your previous sorrowful life?''
Man: ''that sorrowful life was created by me; those were the unnecessary dreams and desires that ruined my life. i cant blame you for that.''
God: ''are you really a human or something else?''
Man: ''i am now just a happy living being who has learned  to live life peacefully.''

stair way to heaven


  1. good post but plz tell me why have you posted the photo of a child and jesus?
    here it is 'man' so he should be elder.
    and u said temple so how jesus is there and instead of temple it is another location like garden.

  2. however elder a man would be; he will always be a child in front of god.
    i have used word 'temple' because it is the more accurate word to define any religious place.
    who said that it is 'jesus'? we people have cultivated habit of referencing god with great names. he is unknown god who is like a common man with no displaying of powers.
    man is in the temple only, but god has appeared in his mind and in his thinking the location is like a garden where there is no disturbance.
    Thanks for asking,i was willing to answer it :)

  3. well the conversation was nice and more I liked your comment above, God's everywhere :)

  4. @dev: thanks for the comment ; i am glad that you liked it:)

  5. nice... U always write something new n different. I like it.


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