Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Impractical Love

     There was a boy named Leo Valentine; he had two classmate friends: Rosy Wilson and Maria Vincent. Both the girls were impressed by the boy and were in a race of proposing him. Finally on Leo's 13th birthday, they both proposed him. Now the problem for Leo was to whom to choose? He loved both; thus, he always delayed his decision but one day both the girls forced him to choose one of them. It was obvious that the one which will be chosen will stay but other will leave him.
  Leo became very worried on his situation; he wasn't able to take decision. He decided to visit park and think about it there.
  He started murmuring in his mind: “If I commit to one of them then I will be having a girlfriend; secondly, both are beautiful so, any one of the girls will make great impression of mine in front of many guys. I will have companionship in parties and gatherings and pampered by her. Most importantly, I will be physically closer and have a chance to indulge into sexual relationship.”
   Then he stopped for a while and wondered that all of these were advantages but what about problems.
 He again started murmuring: “If I commit then I will have to set a priority; secondly, both are liked by many guys; so, committing with one of them will break heart of many boys who again are my good friends. The biggest problem is that if I commit with one then other won’t remain my friend. I can’t lose any of them. Even if I lose one, I cannot let anyone's heart break. Comparatively, Maria is much more beautiful and sensible than Rosy; but, if I select Maria then Rosy would feel sad; I cannot see her crying.”
    He seated on the bench anxiously thinking about the problem. Then his sight was attracted by the family gathered near to him seated on the grass. The family consisted of mother, father, son and a small daughter. Suddenly, son raised a question to his mother: “do you love me?”

“Yes my child.”, replied mother.

Son: “if you love me then why you love my small sister?”

Mother: “I love both of you.”

Son: “whom do you love more?”

Mother: “I love both of you equally.”

 Son: “no, you will have to choose one of us.”

Mother paused for a while and then questioned to her son:  “To whom do you love more, me or dad?”

Son: “sometimes you and sometimes dad.”

Mother: “you have to answer anyone; if you say ‘dad’ then your mom will leave you and if you say ‘mom’ then dad will leave you.”

Son: “I love both of you equally; so, can’t lose any of you.”

Mother: “exactly, just like you, even I love you and your small sister equally; so, I cannot choose any one of you.”
                    Leo was amazed after watching this, he went to that mother and said:
“I liked the way you explained your son; I want to ask you a question.”

 Mother: “please ask.”

 Leo: “can love be shared?”

 Mother replied with a smile:  “Love is something which makes you happy only if you share it; if you posses it, then it will die and make you sad.”

“How sharing makes happy?” asked the son to his mother.

 Mother: “yesterday you took a toy from your sister and she started crying; now share that toy with her and see.”
       The son gave his toy to his small sister and then there was a huge smile on his sister's face. She kissed her brother in a delight and his brother happily hugged her.
“See, I told you that it will bring happiness”, said mother to his son and Leo.
   Leo got his answer.  That mother seemed like an angel to him.  He called Rosy and Maria on the next evening in the park.  

                        On the next day, in the park, both the girls were curious to know the answer. Leo then looking towards Maria, asked her a question: “I know that you love your dad very much; but, you will have to select one of us; either me or your dad?”

Then looking towards Rosy, he asked a similar question: “I know that you love your dog very much; but, you will have to select one of us; either me or your dog?”
 Both were stunned by his question. He asked them repeatedly to answer his question.

Maria: “I love both of you; it is not possible for me to select one of you.”

Rosy: “I too love both of you; my love for my doggy is equal to my love for you.”

   Leo smiled and said: “I was expecting such answer; now, you think that if I love both of you equally then how can I select any one of you? It is not possible for me too.”

  Maria angrily said: “look, what you are saying is too impractical; how can a boy love more than one girl?”
Rosy too joined Maria and said: “I haven’t seen yet, any such story or movie where a boy loves both the girls; it certainly means that you want to use both of us.”
 Leo was amused by Maria’s answer but soon his smile vanished. He said: “I know it sounds impractical, but it is true; I love both of you. I cannot select one of you and break other's heart. If you think that I have an intention of using both of you then it would be better that both of you do not talk to me further onward.”
  He stood up and walked straight away out of the park to his home.

        The next two days, He was absent in the college; both the girls tried to call him but his cell phone was switched-off.
 At night, Rosy gave a call to Leo's mother. His mother, in a sad tone, informed Rosy that he was sleeping and not feeling well due to fever. Hearing this, Rosy became upset and informed Maria about the situation. They both decided to visit him next morning.
     Next day while he was still sleeping, they both stood in front of him. His mother woke him and said: “see who has come to meet you?”
 Leo was delighted to see them and had a smile on his face. Maria and Rosy too gave him a huge smile.
 “Looking at your big smile, it seems like you both are auditioning for toothpaste’s advertisement.” said Leo laughingly.
  “I was trying to call you but your cell phone was switched-off; I was worried about you, thank god you are all right.”, said Maria in a soft tone and once again Rosy joined her and nodded and said:“Even I was worried about you; thank god you are all right.”

“I thought you will never talk to me.”, replied Leo.

 “How can I leave a lovely person like you; actually you can never get rid of me”, said Maria and once again Rosy joined her and said: “same here, you can never get rid of me too.”

  Leo felt amused by Rose’s copied answer of Maria and unable to control, he started laughing; even they both started laughing.
     Leo then hugged both of them and they all had their eyes filled with tears; but somehow he managed to smile because he knew that they both would burst out of tears if even a single drop of tear rolls on his face. Looking in their eyes, he said: "Let us be Best Friends Forever ..."
its a boy girl thing

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Boy Shows True Love

The Girl and the Boy met in a dance practice for a stage show.They both become good friends. Finally the day comes when the show is performed and after it got over, the Boy makes a last conversation with the Girl before leaving. 

Boy: hey! I want to tell you something.
Girl: yes, what you want to say?
Boy: I love you.
Girl: I am sorry; I am already committed and you know that.
Boy: no need to say sorry; I know you are committed and I am happy for you.
Girl: aren't you hurt?
Boy: of course not; my love is not possessive or selfish that demands; I do not want anything from you nor I have any lust on you.
Girl: what do you expect from me?
Boy: I want nothing from you. I just wanted to tell you that you are a beautiful person. I love you the way you are; I just hope that you will always be happy.

--The Boy went afterwards and the Girl had tears in her eyes with a smiling face...

its a boy girl thing