Sunday, 10 February 2013

Regret of Einstein


            Before death, Einstein said that if he is born again, he would rather be a plumber than a physicist.
     Isn't it weird that these regretting words were said by a genius person who is honored as: 'The man of the century'.

  It was Albert Einstein who wrote a letter before the Second World-War to President Roosevelt of America saying that he can create atomic energy and atom bombs, and it is impossible to win against Germany in the war without atom bombs. Thus, Einstein was invited to America and he used his knowledge in creating atom bombs.
   It is a clear truth that a bomb can never be creative; in fact an atom bomb is the most destructive thing in the world. When the atom bomb was dropped on Japanese cities, the explosion was so terrible that people, animals, trees and whatever came into the contact was evaporated. Imagine the regret of feeling guilty of killing thousands of innocent lives.

It is a fact that with great knowledge comes great power and there is a famous saying: “With great power comes great responsibility”. We always speak about achievements of Einstein; many of us are inspired by him and dream to become great like him; but, we rarely focus on this aspect that creativity done without a good intention may result into destructivity. I am not against Einstein, in fact I adore him for his prominent thinking. His life was surely remarkable; but, there is a lesson to learn from his life that before creating anything, we must think on: Will our creation benefit the society???

 After the atomic explosion, Einstein openly regretted his action and became a champion of nuclear disarmament for the rest of his life. In his last days, he had severe illness but he refused treatment and died on 18 April 1955 like a wounded lion.