Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hitler vs. Gandhi

Adolph Hitler or Mahatma Gandhi? though difficult to answer, but one of them was surely better. I have observed that most of the youngsters admire Adolph Hitler whereas Mahatma Gandhi is admired by most of the elderly people. First of all, i want to admit that i am hugely fascinated by both of them. Isn't it a strange fact that these two opposite personalities:

adolph hitler gandhi mahatma
1) were born in the same era.
2) had similar enemy (British).
3) had unattractive physical appearance.
4) turned out as popular leaders.
5) had unnatural death.

Ok, now let me come to the conclusion....
In my opinion, Gandhi was better!

 Well...I am sorry for Hitler fans, but i do have a strong base for my conclusion. Indeed, both struggled a lot, but Hitler's struggle was for power whereas Gandhi's struggle was for people.

Rise Of Confidence - their journey from zero to hero:

     Hitler was at a low rank in the German army. Though Germans lost in World War - I , but Hitler stood as a winner. His courageous feats in the war impressed everyone, and thus he was promoted to the post of an Intelligence Agent. Here, his work was to secretly look after the work of political parties of Germany. This is where Hitler came across Drexler - a political leader and founder of German Worker's Party. Impressed by Hitler's oratory skills, Drexler invited him to be a part of his political party. From then onward, his fame went on increasing and he earned a lot of attention in politics. He used "Divide and rule" approach to conquer the masses. This approach is so effective that it is still in use.

On the other hand, Gandhi tried to unite people. From rich to poor, from low caste to upper caste and from different religion, he impressed everyone with his knowledge. He inspired the feeling of brotherhood among masses. By profession, Gandhi was a barrister(lawyer), who wasn't successful in India. In search of work, he went to South Africa(ruled by British), and came across the problems of people over there. He realized that Britishers were too powerful to be defeated by arms and ammunition. So, he invented a new approach that was non-violent... that became popular as Satyagraha.
Using this approach, he got his first victory against British in South Africa. From there began the journey of Mahatma.

It is not hidden that Hitler was responsible for the murder of millions of Jews. He hampered the global peace and initiated another world-war, which caused a huge destruction. On the other hand, Gandhi proposed the idea of non-violence. He often went on fast and hampered his own health, in order to stop the riots.

Sympathy for Hitler...

    Somewhere in the corner of my heart, I have sympathy for Hitler; because no man is devil by birth. 
child abuseHis nature is the the outcome of his nurture.
Hitler's father always bullied him, and thus his entire childhood was spent in the sense of fear.His dream of becoming an artist was curbed by his father. 

A person who grows up in such an environment, is never able to develop a healthy mind. Regrets, anger, ego and many other negative qualities clings to his mind. And when such a person is given the power, what can you expect other than destruction!

Why Gandhi is better!
   There is a famous thought: "With great power, comes great responsibility." This thought helped me to reach my conclusion. Hitler misused his power and caused World War, whereas Gandhi used his powers to maintain peace and gave birth to new theory of non-violence.Well friends, I am not the God. So, my conclusion may be wrong. But there is one important lesson that i have learnt from these two men:
 "Never judge the ability of a man by his physical appearance. Hitler was shorter and Gandhi was thinner than average people, and yet they created a revolution."

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Random Views - #8

One must have a sense of humor. 
Whether impressive or boring, 
it is one such quality that helps you even in your tough times. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Friday, 8 November 2013

Random Views - #6

true love

Attachment(bonding) is the most 
wonderful and lovely feeling, 
but it is also a hurdle that does not allow a person to move ahead in life.