Monday, 29 December 2014

Jack and Jill with Sherlock Holmes

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Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after

Jack and Jill went into the state of a coma
Seeing this, the villagers went into trauma
To investigate about the incident, they called Sherlock Holmes
And told him that both had fallen and dashed with huge stones

Mr. Holmes went uphill to find out the reason
He saw the well dry, as it was no rainy season
Thus fetching water was not the motive of the pair
They sought privacy as if were having a love affair

Then he found the foot-marks of a third person
And understood that it was a friendly treason
He took the samples of the blackish clay around the foot-mark
Then he went downhill and gathered everyone in the village park

He checked everyone's feet with a great caution
No one was spared, entire village was under suspicion
Finally, a suspect named James matched the exact measurement
He started shivering and there was change in his temperament 

Mr. Holmes also found in his feet the traces of similar clay
And got sure that James is the one who did this act of betray
Being a good friend of the couple, he was undoubted
But on further keen inquiry, the case got completed

James then confessed that he committed this crime
His jealousy had thickly covered his mind with grime
Because he was madly in one-sided love with Jill
When he saw them together, he pushed them from the hill

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Random Views - #16

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When we devote our life to a larger good cause, our personal problems seem too small to disturb us.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


   We often feel unhappy when we see people of our country speaking in some foreign language. Not only us, but any citizen from any part of the world would be very fond of his national language. But then we must question ourselves – “Is speaking in some foreign language an insult to our home language?” Thinking in the depth of this matter, one will find that it is not an insult. Because the purpose of any language is just to ensure an efficient communication and nothing else!


Our problem is that we are thinking locally and not globally. This is what is limiting our growth. Think a bit – what if we go to some other country, either for work or for sightseeing? In that case, we will have to speak in English because we wont have any option!
Now some of you must be saying that you love your country and won’t leave it ever. Well, that is indeed a good sign of patriotism; but don't forget that patriotism also means prospering your country.
Have we ever wondered how much our country earns from outsourcing jobs? Not only we work for foreign countries but there are also many nations that undertake our work. Hence, English plays a very important role of a mediator language.

How to be expert in this language?
Ignorance is one of the greatest obstacles in the path of learning. So the basic step that we must take is to avoid it. Secondly, try to explore your own comfortable ways of learning. Some traditional methods are: Reading newspapers, watching English movies, reading novels, etc. But these methods are not efficient as there is no one to guide you. So the best way is to learn first and then practice it thoroughly. Consider having a dictionary and a grammar book handy with you. Refer them whenever you get free time and alternatively practice whatever you have learned by talking in English with your friends. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, you don't even have to carry books as a smartphone will carry an entire library for you. In fact, there are many dedicated websites that teach grammar lessons for free.

why should we learn english, international language

Remember, you will commit many mistakes while learning. Some people will also pull your leg that you are trying to act over-smart. You will also come across such people who will outwit you with their fluent English. But that is fine, don't be shy of it. Keep your efforts continuous and do not give-up in between. You will start reaping many benefits as you keep improving in it.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Funny Evolution of Earth in Six Days

      Once, God was feeling very bored. He felt an urge for some sort of entertainment. To relieve from boredom, he decided to create something.
...So this is how everything came into existence:

He ordered: "Let there be a place for outing!"
-The Earth was created.

smiling sun and moon He found it very dark on the Earth, so he ordered: "Let there be light!"
-The Sun and the Moon were created.

As there was nothing on the Earth, he was surrounded by the feeling of emptiness. So he ordered: "Let there be nature!"
-The trees, rivers, mountains and beautiful scenery emerged.

The nature was indeed very beautiful, but he felt very lonely. So he ordered: "Let there be some creatures!"
-And in this way, animals came into existence.

He found that animals were indeed very selfless; but they did nothing other than eating, sleeping and reproducing. They lacked the sense to realize his wonders. Now he felt an urge of creating such creatures which would be capable of exploring Science and Spirituality, and ultimately realize his presence. So, he ordered: "Let there be realization!"
-The intelligent of all, Men were created.

He found that men easily explored everything. They worshiped him so much that he lacked time to attend every of his devotees. He understood that the potential of men were so high that they could be tested with problems.

So he ordered, "Let there be problems!"
-And this is how women were created :D :D
Jokes apart, women were actually the best companions to men. Their existence helped in settling down the incomplete human family. Actually, the problems created were qualities like lust, anger, greed, ego, jealousy, etc.

selfish humans God found that humans started exploiting the Earth by misusing their intelligence. Despite of being able to understand the difference between right and wrong, humans continued doing selfish acts. He was ultimately such tired of humans that he went back to the heaven forever and rested over there.

 ~#~ Though, he often comes to the Earth in different forms, either to meet his devotees or to curb the devils. He ultimately makes sure that humans never forget his omnipresence and omnipotence, and the ultimate nature of humanity. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Random Views - #15

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"We live in such a modern world...
where many people are bold enough to open their clothes... 

but are weak enough to open their minds!"

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Random Views - #14

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"Not hurting others feelings, is a sign of  character. 
Not feeling hurt by others, is a sign of wisdom."

Monday, 7 July 2014

Random Views - #13

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Learn from your past, implement it in your present, and then you will surely witness improvement in your future.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Types of Friends and their Priorities

   Life must have been simpler those days, when a friend was just a friend; neither more nor less than that. But today, things are a bit complicated. A friend is no more just a friend, he is categorized either as  good-friend, 
best-friend, boy-friend, virtual friend, friend-with-benefits, etc. The value of friendship between two friends is governed by the priority they give to each other.
 I am sure that this category list would grow with time, but the quality of friendship may decline! Anyway, I would like to think about it optimistically, rather than criticizing it.

A bit of philosophy: (sorry friends, I know that philosophy is boring, but please read it)

Charles Darwin, popularly known as the father of evolution, has said a beautiful quote: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."
But apart from all the species, we humans are different. We have a brain that thinks and a heart that feels. Thus, we not only have to adapt physically but mentally as well. That is why, it is said that one must change with time. Hence, we must place ourselves in this fast-forward world and get comfortable with it.

Type of friends:
 (I have tried to figure out what happens in these relations. Though, I may be wrong)

1) Good friend:
This type of friends may be your classmates in college or  colleagues in your office. You generally like their attitude and are well known about their behavior. A friend whom you know for many years, a friend made in school days, also come under this category. You feel comfortable on hanging out with them, and talk about day-to-day stuffs like news, cricket match, sharing jokes, etc.

2) Best friend:
This friend is a favorite among all good friends. Though you can have more than one best friend. You can share with him all your secrets as he is a trustworthy person for you, and readily available for you whenever you face any problem. Generally, the person who helps you and understands you the most, has the potential to be your best-friend.

3) Boyfriend/Girlfriend:
romantic relation
This person holds highest priority. Here, the two people act as semi-married and semi-friends. This is the most impulsive form of friendship where two people come close very soon and get committed, but if break-up happens, they behave as if they don't even know each other. It would be difficult to describe this relation as it is a very vast topic. At present, this is the most booming thing on TV serials, films and boy-girl romantic stories.

4) Friend with benefits:
Well, this relation is pretty fast-forward. It is completely sexually oriented, where two parties are only physically attracted to each other. Here, there is no commitment, thus the person is free to move-on anytime. As more and more people are accepting it and consider it hassle-free; it won’t be wrong to say that in future, this relation will be the most trending one.

5) Virtual friend:
online friends
This is the newest category of friendship, evolved with the advent of social-networking sites and chat applications. A virtual friend can hide his identity, and thus both the parties can chat openly, without any shyness. It is very easy to make a virtual friend than a real friend. But this type of friend is very dangerous, as you are unaware of his intentions. Though it can also be a soothing one, if the virtual friend is a genuine person. The greatest advantage is that you can avoid your loneliness by chatting with a virtual friend, in case your real friends are not having time for you.

 (my view on friendship, you may find it weird)
 I believe that every person desires a friend who understands and accepts him without any selfish motive; in short, a friend who is genuine. But finding such a friend will take you your entire life, and even then, there is no guarantee that you will find him. Ultimately you will end-up loving a dog.
true friend

So, rather than finding a genuine friend, you become a genuine friend to others. And if every person does this, the world will be a very friendly place.