Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Random Views - #16

act of kindness, helping hands, charity work 

When we devote our life to a larger good cause, our personal problems seem too small to disturb us.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


   We often feel unhappy when we see people of our country speaking in some foreign language. Not only us, but any citizen from any part of the world would be very fond of his national language. But then we must question ourselves – “Is speaking in some foreign language an insult to our home language?” Thinking in the depth of this matter, one will find that it is not an insult. Because the purpose of any language is just to ensure an efficient communication and nothing else!


Our problem is that we are thinking locally and not globally. This is what is limiting our growth. Think a bit – what if we go to some other country, either for work or for sightseeing? In that case, we will have to speak in English because we wont have any option!
Now some of you must be saying that you love your country and won’t leave it ever. Well, that is indeed a good sign of patriotism; but don't forget that patriotism also means prospering your country.
Have we ever wondered how much our country earns from outsourcing jobs? Not only we work for foreign countries but there are also many nations that undertake our work. Hence, English plays a very important role of a mediator language.

How to be expert in this language?
Ignorance is one of the greatest obstacles in the path of learning. So the basic step that we must take is to avoid it. Secondly, try to explore your own comfortable ways of learning. Some traditional methods are: Reading newspapers, watching English movies, reading novels, etc. But these methods are not efficient as there is no one to guide you. So the best way is to learn first and then practice it thoroughly. Consider having a dictionary and a grammar book handy with you. Refer them whenever you get free time and alternatively practice whatever you have learned by talking in English with your friends. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, you don't even have to carry books as a smartphone will carry an entire library for you. In fact, there are many dedicated websites that teach grammar lessons for free.

why should we learn english, international language

Remember, you will commit many mistakes while learning. Some people will also pull your leg that you are trying to act over-smart. You will also come across such people who will outwit you with their fluent English. But that is fine, don't be shy of it. Keep your efforts continuous and do not give-up in between. You will start reaping many benefits as you keep improving in it.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Funny Evolution of Earth in Six Days

      Once, God was feeling very bored. He felt an urge for some sort of entertainment. To relieve from boredom, he decided to create something.
...So this is how everything came into existence:

He ordered: "Let there be a place for outing!"
-The Earth was created.

smiling sun and moon He found it very dark on the Earth, so he ordered: "Let there be light!"
-The Sun and the Moon were created.

As there was nothing on the Earth, he was surrounded by the feeling of emptiness. So he ordered: "Let there be nature!"
-The trees, rivers, mountains and beautiful scenery emerged.

The nature was indeed very beautiful, but he felt very lonely. So he ordered: "Let there be some creatures!"
-And in this way, animals came into existence.

He found that animals were indeed very selfless; but they did nothing other than eating, sleeping and reproducing. They lacked the sense to realize his wonders. Now he felt an urge of creating such creatures which would be capable of exploring Science and Spirituality, and ultimately realize his presence. So, he ordered: "Let there be realization!"
-The intelligent of all, Men were created.

He found that men easily explored everything. They worshiped him so much that he lacked time to attend every of his devotees. He understood that the potential of men were so high that they could be tested with problems.

So he ordered, "Let there be problems!"
-And this is how women were created :D :D
Jokes apart, women were actually the best companions to men. Their existence helped in settling down the incomplete human family. Actually, the problems created were qualities like lust, anger, greed, ego, jealousy, etc.

selfish humans God found that humans started exploiting the Earth by misusing their intelligence. Despite of being able to understand the difference between right and wrong, humans continued doing selfish acts. He was ultimately such tired of humans that he went back to the heaven forever and rested over there.

 ~#~ Though, he often comes to the Earth in different forms, either to meet his devotees or to curb the devils. He ultimately makes sure that humans never forget his omnipresence and omnipotence, and the ultimate nature of humanity.