Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Random Views - #30

~#~ Passion is temporary; Discipline is permanent.

Passion is an impulsive emotion; Discipline is a controlled one.
Passion is driven by fantasy; Discipline is driven by willpower.
Passion leads to short-term success; Discipline leads to long-term satisfaction.
Passion fades once the success is achieved; Discipline retains even after that.
Passion is filmy; Discipline is reality.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Random Views - #29

Make-up face and fake-up expressions are highly impressive initially, they attract many people. However, they are useless in building long-term relations. A great relation is build only when there is honesty and care for each other.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Satisfied Beggar

When you offer food to a stranger and if that person says 'no', you find it natural as any stranger would hesitate. But how would you feel if you offer food to a beggar and get a 'no' in reply??? I honestly felt a bit offended...
satisfaction, homeless, lesson of life, teaching to mankind
Buying milk and groceries is my daily routine. Along with this, I also buy few biscuit packets and offer it to beggars whom I meet on my way. One fine day, I came across a homeless person whom I had seen for the first time. He was outfitted in ragged shirt and pants, and his head covered with a weird looking skull cap. I was happy to find him as I had one last packet left and was very eager to finish the quota. He was staring at me with an expressionless face while I approached him. When I offered him the packet, he denied it and said, "My stomach is full... I don't want it." Hearing this, I moved away immediately feeling a bit offended. After all, such strange incident never happened with me before. I felt silly of him as he could have saved it for another day.
Just a few steps ahead, I met another homeless who begged me for some food in a quivering voice. I joyfully handed him the last packet and felt happy as my quota was completed for the day. More than being happy, I was amazed by the attitude of that person who rejected my offering. Because of his satisfied mindset, that last packet actually went in the hands of a hungry person who was needing food at that point of time.

Satisfaction is a very rare quality to be seen in today's world. One can never predict on how much is sufficient. Even the most successful and rich people in this world show least signs of a satisfied life. So amidst of all this, when you come across an unconventional display of satisfaction from a homeless person, how would you feel???
I honestly felt a bit offended initially, but later was amazed and ultimately inspired enough to narrate this incident.