Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Conquer Your Fate

 Just because your father is not rich,
 you never get any money to spend;
 Just because your parents are not friendly,
 your problems, they never try to understand;
 Just because your nature is innocent,
 others cheat you in the mask of a friend;
 Just because your personality is not attractive,
 you are always out of trend.

Problems, a word common to all,
some lively rise and some lazily fall;
Some use wisdom and some use wine,
some lead a life and some commit crime;
Some show a smile and some show anger,
some become example and some become danger;
Thus, a problem doesn't make you a loser,
if you have positive mindset and will-power.

Remember, your character is always in your hand,
and in tough situations, it helps you to withstand;
With strong will-power, make your character a noble one,
and even in hard times, it will shine like the invincible sun;
Learn and improve yourself everyday,
win every moment, because life is a play;
Everything, even you will perish with the time,
But your marvelous deeds will always remain prime.