Monday, 14 February 2011

The Boy Shows True Love

The Girl and the Boy met in a dance practice for a stage show.They both become good friends. Finally the day comes when the show is performed and after it got over, the Boy makes a last conversation with the Girl before leaving. 

Boy: hey! I want to tell you something.
Girl: yes, what you want to say?
Boy: I love you.
Girl: I am sorry; I am already committed and you know that.
Boy: no need to say sorry; I know you are committed and I am happy for you.
Girl: aren't you hurt?
Boy: of course not; my love is not possessive or selfish that demands; I do not want anything from you nor I have any lust on you.
Girl: what do you expect from me?
Boy: I want nothing from you. I just wanted to tell you that you are a beautiful person. I love you the way you are; I just hope that you will always be happy.

--The Boy went afterwards and the Girl had tears in her eyes with a smiling face...

its a boy girl thing