Friday, 25 December 2015

Random Views- #27

Smart-work enhances hard-work but cannot substitute it.

Some folks always try to find shortcuts to achieve success. They think that just using smartness can give them success in a very less time. Indeed it is possible to achieve, but even if it is a quick success, there is always some amount of hard work in it.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Random Views- #26

Talent without discipline fades away
There are many such examples of sportsmen and artists who mesmerize people with their initial performances. But later they are not able to deliver the similar quality performances. What lacks is the discipline! A good talent has the potential to get in the limelight, but without proper discipline, there remains no consistency in the quality of their performances. Without discipline, some even get addicted and become lethargic. Sooner or later, the talent fades away.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Random Views - #25

Whether fate turns good or bad.. that will be decided by time. But only those have fate who rise above their fear and shyness, and do what their mind says.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Random Views- #24

Addictive items are the best. They give instant relief from mental maladies. The only drawback is that once you are out of the hangover, you are back to square one!!!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Attraction and Attachment- Two phases of Love

There can be no person in this world who has never felt love. Every human that comes in this world, initiates his/her life with the feeling of affection and nature of innocence. Later on, the nature of that person gets influenced by his/her nurture and interaction with the outer world. The feeling of affection gets directed only towards the people where he/she feels comfortable.

Often called as infatuation - a very instantaneous feeling of falling in love with some person. Terms like inner beauty and outer beauty play a prominent role for love to happen. Ask a person, "why do you like him/her?", and the answers you get will be among these - "He/she is caring, sweet by nature, polite, beautiful, intelligent, humorous, rich, friendly, handsome, mature etc."
In short, every romantic love begins with the attraction or liking of atleast one or two qualities. And there is nothing wrong in it. This is completely natural!

Unlike the instant feeling of attraction, it takes time to develop this feeling. One has to go deeper into the other to have attachment for that person. Once attached, qualities like inner beauty and outer beauty hardly matter.
This does not mean that attraction is fake love. Attraction is just a starting phase that converts into attachment if both the person have mutual affection and understanding.

If you are attracted to someone, that is fine. If you are lucky enough, the person whom you like may even turn friendly to you. This will further strengthen your feeling for that person. The only thing you need to take care is not to turn obsessive.
Obsession ruins you!
Just remain affectionate :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Random Views- #23

Every problem shakes your mindset and creates a vacuum in your life. This vacuum is nothing but loneliness and restlessness.
Now it is up to you on how you fill it, either by addictive items or by knowledge. Addictive items give instant relief but does not eradicate the problem. Knowledge on the other hand is boring and time consuming, but gives you wisdom to overcome your problem and enhances your mindset.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Joy of Writing

"When you have no one to share with... you have to become your own friend."
If you keep on talking to yourself, you won't reach anywhere as the mind is very unstable. It will keep on jumping from one thought to another. But when you write down your thoughts, you can hold your mind for a longer time. You can read them any time and remind yourself about it.
When jotting down thoughts becomes your passion... a writer takes birth in you.
My story:
I wasn't a thinker at all till I was in Mumbai. It was at the age of 13 when I had to relocate to Pune with my family. I was excited for this new city, new school and new culture but had no new friends for a long time. The kid who never used to stay at home started spending most of his time watching TV. The degree of loneliness was so much that I used to get eager to go school as it was the only place where I met people. It was this phase of my life where my inward journey begun. This journey was not that easy as too much thinking does not allow you to take decisions and makes you a mediocre.

It was at the age of 17 (11 std. science) when I accidently read a chapter from my English’s textbook that shook the cord of my mind. A story that touched my heart to such an extent that I translated it in Hindi to share it with my non-English friends. The chapter was: “The Night Train at Deoli” written by Ruskin Bond- an author whom now I owe my writing.

Later, in my senior college days, I was a very sincere student of Computer Science stream. I had 99% percent attendance in the first semester, till I met two new hobbies during annual events– writing and fashion show. During that time, my English teacher encouraged me to write something for college magazine. It was at the same time I came up with my blog, and for the first time in my life I got appreciation for something that I had done. I got so much distracted from my academics that I started having backlogs. But I was so much fond of this hobby of writing that despite of being a year-down student, my articles used to get published in the college magazine. It took me 6 years to complete a 3-year degree course.

Despite of being an under-graduate and having no official-writing certificates, a start-up company gave me the opportunity to work as a content writer. Later I worked with an international company that dealt with promotional products, where I fetched salary more than expected. In the mean time I completed my graduation which was like a new birth for me. I also did two certification courses in writing that gave me the tag of an official writer.

This "learning and earning" activity will keep on going as I am still chasing success where I dream to become a booker prize winner, an international bestseller, a guy with lot of money and have many such high ambitions that generally any writer should dream of. I don’t know whether I will be successful in this life… but yes, I have something to be satisfied for and that is when I write for myself.
I have written this article to mark the celebration of 10000 visitors on my blog. Though it is a very simple achievement, but for me this milestone is special because I still haven’t stopped writing on this blog-
 a platform where I express my thoughts and feelings.

And now I have learnt that –
When I write for companies, I earn money.
When I write for myself, I earn happiness.
So these two writings must go hand-in-hand to preserve harmony in life.
It is all about having a good balance of success and satisfaction!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Random Views- #21

google and god, human and god, solutions, questions, faith, hope

Answers are always there... you just need to question it.
Either you will get a logical answer from Google, or you will get a mysterious answer from God.
Have faith! Don't loose hope :) 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

True Mard! - who is he?

Nowadays, there is a new product in the market known as "beer shampoo" whose ad depicts that using this shampoo is a symbol of a true manhood. This strategy has worked so effectively that the product has developed a great demand in the market. Almost everyone is thinking of trying it once. Anyway, the topic of this article is different. The discussion is not on this ad; In fact the purpose is to think upon the true qualities of manhood.

In Hindu mythology, there is a great personality known as Lord Hanuman. His muscular physic and high intelligence quotient makes him an ideal God of many youths. He is admirable not only for his physic and intelligence but also because he was a man of great character. He had tremendous respect for women and considered them as mothers or sisters. Thus looking at all his qualities, it won’t be wrong to consider him as a great example of ‘Mard’.

Now all the men must think about it for a while and ask themselves: “Do you respect women?"
Relax guys... you are not asked to treat every woman like mother, nor are you forced to treat them as sisters. But is it not possible to treat them with appropriate care and respect?

That first paragraph of 'beer shampoo' is not just vaguely written. It is brought into picture to make men realize that they are influenced by what they see. And that is why the major part of the blame goes on movies, adult-websites and all the other forms of media that show improper behavior between a man and a woman. There are so many movies and websites which show men as superior being than women and treating them like objects. What makes this worse is that women are shown enjoying such treatment from men! Hero stares at her, and she is smiling; Hero flirts with her, and she is enjoying; Hero touches her, and she is shown moaning. All these false depictions give incorrect ideas to men about women and encourage them into a wrong behavior.

Indeed, there is also another side of the coin. Neither all man are bad, nor are all woman good. But even if she seems bad, that doesn't mean one should misbehave with her. What most of the men think is that: If a woman is talking to them in a friendly way then she is interested in them; if she is wearing revealing clothes then she is always open for affairs. Well, this mentality may work in movies and novels, but very rarely in day-to-day life. In most of the cases, it leads to embarrassment. Hence, men should be very cautious and gentle with their behavior wherever they go; whether it is office, society or college.

Oh men! Work hard, be genuine and achieve such an impressive mind-body personality that women get attracted to you.

good man, good men, nice men, nice man, attractive men, attractive man
Be smart and not pervert!
Be ‘Mard’, not a ‘Sar dard’!!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Random Views- #20

"Sometimes we get so busy in proving ourselves in the eyes of people who rejected or hated us... that we even forget our friends and family, who have supported us all the time. 
hated ones, haters, lovers, celebrations, bonding

Indeed, success is highly felt when you rise above your haters. But satisfaction is only felt when you have your loved-ones celebrating with you."

Friday, 27 March 2015

Random Views - #19

weakness, character, willpower, determination
 If someone says that you are impractical, don't worry! Apart from "Practical vs. Impractical", there is one more classification: "Strong-minded vs.Weak-minded"
Make sure you choose a better option by avoiding all the weaknesses of your mind, thus benefiting yourself and the society.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Random Views - #18

physique, intelligence, character, complete man 

A man with a good physique is attractive.
A man with a good intelligence is impressive.
A man with a good character is praiseworthy.
...and a man with all these 3 aspects is divine.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Random Views # -17

When your habits are good, being a mediocre doesn't suit you.

When your habits as well as mindset is good, no one can stop you from being at a top position.

leader, manager, good person, character

When your habits, mindset and even intentions are good; people will follow you and start treating you as their leader.