Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Joy of Writing

"When you have no one to share with... you have to become your own friend."
If you keep on talking to yourself, you won't reach anywhere as the mind is very unstable. It will keep on jumping from one thought to another. But when you write down your thoughts, you can hold your mind for a longer time. You can read them any time and remind yourself about it.
When jotting down thoughts becomes your passion... a writer takes birth in you.
My story:
I wasn't a thinker at all till I was in Mumbai. It was at the age of 13 when I had to relocate to Pune with my family. I was excited for this new city, new school and new culture but had no new friends for a long time. The kid who never used to stay at home started spending most of his time watching TV. The degree of loneliness was so much that I used to get eager to go school as it was the only place where I met people. It was this phase of my life where my inward journey begun. This journey was not that easy as too much thinking does not allow you to take decisions and makes you a mediocre.

It was at the age of 17 (11 std. science) when I accidently read a chapter from my English’s textbook that shook the cord of my mind. A story that touched my heart to such an extent that I translated it in Hindi to share it with my non-English friends. The chapter was: “The Night Train at Deoli” written by Ruskin Bond- an author whom now I owe my writing.

Later, in my senior college days, I was a very sincere student of Computer Science stream. I had 99% percent attendance in the first semester, till I met two new hobbies during annual events– writing and fashion show. During that time, my English teacher encouraged me to write something for college magazine. It was at the same time I came up with my blog, and for the first time in my life I got appreciation for something that I had done. I got so much distracted from my academics that I started having backlogs. But I was so much fond of this hobby of writing that despite of being a year-down student, my articles used to get published in the college magazine. It took me 6 years to complete a 3-year degree course.

Despite of being an under-graduate and having no official-writing certificates, a start-up company gave me the opportunity to work as a content writer. Later I worked with an international company that dealt with promotional products, where I fetched salary more than expected. In the mean time I completed my graduation which was like a new birth for me. I also did two certification courses in writing that gave me the tag of an official writer.

This "learning and earning" activity will keep on going as I am still chasing success where I dream to become a booker prize winner, an international bestseller, a guy with lot of money and have many such high ambitions that generally any writer should dream of. I don’t know whether I will be successful in this life… but yes, I have something to be satisfied for and that is when I write for myself.
I have written this article to mark the celebration of 10000 visitors on my blog. Though it is a very simple achievement, but for me this milestone is special because I still haven’t stopped writing on this blog-
 a platform where I express my thoughts and feelings.

And now I have learnt that –
When I write for companies, I earn money.
When I write for myself, I earn happiness.
So these two writings must go hand-in-hand to preserve harmony in life.
It is all about having a good balance of success and satisfaction!