Saturday, 28 November 2015

Attraction and Attachment- Two phases of Love

There can be no person in this world who has never felt love. Every human that comes in this world, initiates his/her life with the feeling of affection and nature of innocence. Later on, the nature of that person gets influenced by his/her nurture and interaction with the outer world. The feeling of affection gets directed only towards the people where he/she feels comfortable.

Often called as infatuation - a very instantaneous feeling of falling in love with some person. Terms like inner beauty and outer beauty play a prominent role for love to happen. Ask a person, "why do you like him/her?", and the answers you get will be among these - "He/she is caring, sweet by nature, polite, beautiful, intelligent, humorous, rich, friendly, handsome, mature etc."
In short, every romantic love begins with the attraction or liking of atleast one or two qualities. And there is nothing wrong in it. This is completely natural!

Unlike the instant feeling of attraction, it takes time to develop this feeling. One has to go deeper into the other to have attachment for that person. Once attached, qualities like inner beauty and outer beauty hardly matter.
This does not mean that attraction is fake love. Attraction is just a starting phase that converts into attachment if both the person have mutual affection and understanding.

If you are attracted to someone, that is fine. If you are lucky enough, the person whom you like may even turn friendly to you. This will further strengthen your feeling for that person. The only thing you need to take care is not to turn obsessive.
Obsession ruins you!
Just remain affectionate :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Random Views- #23

Every problem shakes your mindset and creates a vacuum in your life. This vacuum is nothing but loneliness and restlessness.
Now it is up to you on how you fill it, either by addictive items or by knowledge. Addictive items give instant relief but does not eradicate the problem. Knowledge on the other hand is boring and time consuming, but gives you wisdom to overcome your problem and enhances your mindset.